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Welcome to Yajaw Documentation

Welcome to the official documentation for Yajaw, the intuitive Python library designed to ease your interactions with JIRA APIs.

Whether you're a developer, data analyst, or project manager, Yajaw provides the tools you need to seamlessly integrate JIRA's extensive API offerings into your Python applications.


  • Ease of Access: Directly interface with both supported and unsupported JIRA API resources without the overhead of complex configurations.

  • Dual Support: Utilize Yajaw's synchronous and asynchronous capabilities to suit different programming styles and requirements.

  • Data Representation: Take advantage of Python's native constructs, as Yajaw handles the mapping of data to dictionaries and lists for convenient manipulation and analysis.

  • Concurrent Pagination: Efficiently handle paginated resources with built-in concurrent requests for speedy data retrieval.

  • Simple Configuration: Straightforward setup leveraging a separate configuration file for quick adjustments.